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February 2015

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Dear Colleagues,

This is a time when Christmas activities have been put aside, and preparations for Easter are beginning. The days are getting longer yet the winter is just settling in. Fall keeps us all very busy, and then we need to shift gears for spring. For some of us, this can be a bit of a disorienting time.

I used to think everything stopped in the winter but now I see there are plenty of activities still going on – in music and other applied disciplines. For me I have had an unusually busy winter because my older child is applying for colleges and auditioning for their music programs. This means a lot of travel and preparation during these winter months.

Being involved in the college application process has been eye-opening for me. Earlier in the summer and fall I was helping to research different options for schools which have strong music education programs. I found the number of available options to be absolutely staggering! (Almost as mind-boggling as the cost of tuition nowadays…) On our travels, my daughter and I have a new game looking at the announcements of colleges and universities on the highway signs. You can rack up over one hundred just traveling on I-95 through the state of Virginia alone!

Which brings me back home…Here in the immediate Hudson Valley area we have Vassar College, Marist, Bard, Mount St. Mary’s and SUNY New Paltz just to name a few. Many of the people involved in the music departments of these colleges and universities are either members of the Central Hudson Valley AGO or have direct ties to members of our chapter. Their music programs offer wonderful opportunities for performance participation or for concert attendance – to name a few, you will see regularly on our website Calendar announcements for Kairos (directed by Edward Lundergan who is professor and director at SUNY New Paltz), Cappella Festiva (directed by Christine Howlett of Vassar College) and the various choral programs of Bard College, Mount St. Mary’s and Marist (of which Laura Russell is a past director). I am pleased as the West Point Cadet Chapel choirmaster to involve in our annual Handel’s Messiah concert various oratorio societies in Orange County like the Classical Choral Society, Warwick Chorale and Middletown Chorale. The list goes on and on of groups who are looking for audiences and musical participants. It is inevitable that I will neglect the mention of certain groups here because there are so many. If you cannot find opportunities for making music in the Hudson Valley, that means you are not looking.

The Central Hudson Valley AGO is pleased to be partners with and integrated in the music life of the greater Hudson Valley with its ties to New York City and the Capital region. As we move through the transitional period of winter and perhaps you are looking for new opportunities in the spring, please consider all this area has to offer.
Also, right now our Calendar does not have too many activities listed. If you would like your event to appear on our website, please contact Susan LaGrande. Our Calendar is a great way to get the word out to our members as well as finding out about the other music offerings here in the Hudson Valley.

Craig Williams, AAGO
Dean, Central Hudson Valley AGO

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Membership News

  • A Current Membership Roster has been sent to all members with current email addresses.  If you did not receive one, please contact our Registrar/Membership Coordinator, Barb Bayers: 203-260-4295 or babayers@gmail.com.

  • We are happy to welcome the following New Members:
    Brandon Beachamp
    Luca Cantone
    Justan Foster
    Sally Hitchcock
    Timothy Lewis
    We also welcome the return of Maris Kristapsons. We are so happy to have you all with us! (Contact information for these and all members is available in the Membership Roster which you should be receiving shortly.)

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This newsletter is published by the Central Hudson Valley Chapter of the American Guild of Organists. The editor is:
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