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October 2007

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Dear Friends:

"Choral Evensong" held on Sunday, September 23, 2007 was our autumn "kick-off" event held at Christ Episcopal Church in Poughkeepsie New York. What a memorable Evening! Craig Williams’s Organ Recital was excellent and well received, as confirmed by the applause of the attendees.

You know you are a success when you run out of service program leaflets even before the procession began! People were asked to share service leaflets. I would guess that in the congregation there were between 225 and 250 in attendance. Add in the choir of about 60; and then six organists and you had what I would say is an excellent showing for such a gorgeous first day of autumn. Numerous "Thank you" notes were sent to me via email, US Mail and of course the telephone. The overall consensus is that we need to do "Choral Evensong" more often. I couldn’t agree more. Christ Church is the perfect setting for such a wonderful liturgy.

My sincerest thanks go to many. I want to publicly thank those who played a large and visible role in the leadership and success of "Choral Evensong":
Rev. Wm. Blake Rider, Rector of Christ Church - Officiant
Rev. Charlie Dupree, Priest in Charge, St. Gregory’s Woodstock, NY - Cantor
Laura Russell, Organist & Director of Music at Christ Church - Conductor
Craig Williams, Guest Recitalist
Patricia Maimone, Eric Hepp, Donald Filkins and Merellyn Gallagher – Organists

There are many who volunteered in the choir and behind the scenes – a BIG Thank you to you too! I pray I didn’t forget anybody … if I did, my apologies, but a BIG Thank you to you as well! Programs were mailed to those of our membership who were not able to be with us except in spirit.

For those of you who were not in attendance, a recording was made. Eric Hepp is working out the details with the person who recorded the event. Watch this space regarding CD copies to order for your own personal enjoyment.

Congratulations go out to Joe Bertolozzi for his recent articles in the Poughkeepsie Journal and the New York Times regarding his musical project which involves the Mid-Hudson Bridge! Likewise, I would like to Congratulate Donald Filkins on a marvelous organ recital and pre-recital article in the Poughkeepsie Journal discussing the organ at Don’s church, First Presbyterian Church of Wappingers Falls. Mentioned in the Poughkeepsie Journal article is Jean Hattersley from Old Dutch Church in Kingston. Bravo to you too Jean! What pipe organ façade was shown to illustrate the article? Jack Davis’ instrument at the Poughkeepsie Reformed Church on Hooker Avenue! We are receiving positive publicity about the instrument that we dedicate so much time to – The Organ! Let’s enjoy it while it lasts!

For those of you in and around the Poughkeepsie area, specifically The First Evangelical Lutheran Church on Mill and Catherine Streets, don’t forget to stop in and enjoy the re-established "Lunch-n-Listen" programs on the first Wednesday of the month. I enjoyed a wonderful organ recital by our member Eric Hepp. Eric’s performance was received with a warm round of applause. Well done Eric!

Welcome to new members Terry Earles of Kingston and William Bozzetto of Hyde Park! I am excited that our chapter continues to Swell. I am Positif we can keep the excitement going by inviting other organists and choir directors to join our ranks. I encourage all of us to make the balance of 2007 Organic … how about Organized? C’mon, Smile!

There are many organ recitals listed on our calendar for October 2007. Check the calendar for dates, locations and time. Attend as many as you can and support our colleagues. I hope to be at many of these events also.

On a serious side and as in prior writings, I want to remind you to keep in your prayers those of our membership who made our chapter Swell and Great. Some are not able to travel to our events due to infirmities. Still others have troubles which, though they may seem public, are known by God alone. He will lift them up! Keep the faith and remember all our brothers and sisters in your prayers.

Happy St. Francis of Assisi Day – October 4, 2007!

Remember whatever you do, do for God’s Glory. No hand held signs are needed. Nothing more need be said. By your actions, words and deeds, they will know…
“Soli Deo Gloria”
So be it! Amen!

I remain …

Gregory J. Citarella+

Membership News

• Joanne Reed has accepted a position as Organist/Choir Director at Westwood United Methodist Church, Westwood, NJ. She reports: "I'm having a good time down there. They have a committed choir of 19-20 members and a three manual Peragallo that can make an awful lot of noise." Congratulations, Joanne!
• Your editor recently had a chance to visit Mary Caskey in her home. Getting around is difficult for Mary now, but she has lost none of her wit and encyclopedic knowledge of things pertaining to pipe organs and our Guild. Reward yourself by giving her a call at 845-534-2938.
• Welcome to our new members, William Bozzetto and Terry Earles, both of whom have previous associations with our chapter. Their contact information is as follows:
William Bozzetto
35 Patricia Lane
Hyde Park, NY 12538
845-229-7650 - Email: bozz@us.ibm.com
Currently not an organist at any church

Terry Earles
13 West Strand Street, #29
Kingston NY 12401
845-340-1655 – E-mail: None
Currently not associated with any church, will substitute from time to time

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