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June 2008

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Dear Colleagues and Friends:

June is here and summer is just around the corner. As you know the month of May started off with our Annual Members Recital held at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Poughkeepsie. Our host, Eric Hepp, was most gracious in allowing time on the organ and also composed the program booklet. Thanks Eric! Of Note, Dr. Raymond Corey, former organist and director of music at First Evangelical Lutheran, was in the audience to hear the progress which is being made on restoring the instrument to its former glory. Ray’s daughter Cheryl brought Ray to the event. We were very glad to see Ray and Cheryl with us. A very BIG THANK YOU to all those organists who participated in making this Members’ Recital such a success. I see that our Members’ Recital for 2009 is already listed on our calendar website. Start practicing!

Just recently I spoke with one of our charter members, Kathleen (“Kay”) Pearson. Kay is our most recent recipient of a Certificate of Appreciation from our chapter. On Memorial Day I gave Kay a call at her home in Florida. We chatted for some time. She was very excited and appreciative about the certificate. Kay sends her best regards to many people she knows are members and friends of our chapter. Consider contacting Kay. I know she would be very happy to receive phone calls from those who remember her. Kay is 92 years young! She told me herself. Let me know if you wish to contact Kay. I have her phone number. Reach out and touch a friend long distance.

Remember that June is our membership drive. Dues are Due! I don’t have to tell you how important you are, each and every one of you, in keeping this chapter alive and thriving. Your continued support, talents and contributions are always appreciated. The 2008-2009 Renewal Application is available here. Mail the completed form in as soon as possible to our Treasurer Eric Hepp. Dues have remained flat this year. Consider inviting a friend who is not already a part of our chapter. Reach out to those organists and non-organists alike (Clergy included) who are not yet a member of our very active and vibrant chapter.

To those of you who will be going to the national convention: travel safely and enjoy yourselves. Please feel free to contribute to this space regarding any of the recitals or workshops that you will be a part of. We would enjoy noting some of the events on our website. Don’t forget to take some snapshots. We can add them to our website as well!

Our Chapter Picnic is July 13, 2008 at Eric Hepp’s home on 24 Lor-Mar Court, Wappingers Falls, NY. The picnic begins at 4:00 PM and runs to 7:00 PM. More details will follow shortly regarding the menu and what we can bring. Our picnics always turn out to be culinary delights. Did I hear someone say dessert?

Our AGO Chapter Board will meet directly after the picnic is over at 7:00 PM.
We are not holding elections this year. The reason is simple. Last year the Dean, Sub-Dean and the entire board were all new. Therefore I asked the board to continue with me and our Sub-Dean, Beverly Simmons, together for at least one more year before we hold elections.

Our journey has been an ambitious one as you will recall. There have been many events and happenings during the last 12 months including the passing of our long time members Clara Pankow-Miller, Mary S. Caskey and William Robert “Bob” Brittenham.
We will miss them all. We are grateful for their numerous contributions.

Summer, Graduation, The Fourth of July, our picnic….the list goes on and on before we know it…Labor Day Weekend. I pray that we all refresh during the summer months.

The days are long and warm.

Enjoy God’s great gifts to us in nature, family, friends and yes, each other. It is time to kick back and relax. Revel in the beauty this time of year has to offer.

Be a part of the web of life. We are but one thread within it. All things are bound together; all things connect.

God protect each of you in your travels and in your refreshment.

God’s Grace to all….Peace

Soli Deo Gloria

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